MRF Recycling Plant


MRF Recycling Plant

$285,000 (USD)



Was installed in 2004

cost $4 million in 2004

This is a complete MRF Recycling system. Everything is here from the loading ramp to the separating conveyors.

I walk through this equipment and from what I can see it’s a complete sorting and separating MRF operation.

Equipment that is in the line:

Two Electric shaker box screens

Two paper push ram compactors

Two cross belt magnet

Two large Hammer mills 500ph each

Two finger or star screeners

large paper and plastic blower separators/with

large paper and plastic blowing bens

picking station

many conveyors and cat walks connecting the whole system into one complete MRF Recycling system.

This unit has been sitting for awhile, but the structure and the steel are all in good shape. There is some surface rust which is to be expected. The belts are all in place, You may have to change out a belt, but I would run them till they gave out.

If you wish to see the system let me know, I can work it out for you to Inspected in person.

I do have a inspection company that will inspect the system for you, if you need it as well.


as it sits.

Buyer is responsible for tear down and shipping.


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